Drive-thru Technology Cleaning Kit

  • $ 9995

Dirty Drive-Thru Equipment Slows You Down!
Clean equipment maintains your speed and competitive advantage!

Dirty equipment causes jams, poor print quality, and card read errors - all of which slow your drive-thru window down. Clean your equipment regularly so you don’t frustrate and lose your customers!

Our drive-thru cleaning kit comes with everything you need to clean your drive-thru station of spills, drips, and environmental dirt, dust, grease, and oil which are common in QSR drive-thru’s for 6 months. Routine cleaning generally takes 3 minutes or less and provides the following benefits:

  • Increases staff productivity.
  • Makes your customers happy by providing the quick, reliable service they expect.
  • Keeps your card reader, thermal printer, and POS equipment operating dependably.
  • Reduces equipment downtime and costly repairs/maintenance.
  • Reduces card read errors, printer paper jams, and POS inaccuracies.

For a limited time, we are also offering FREE Shipping and including a complementary 100-count canister of DiSantech Disinfecting Wipes, so that your entire drive-thru station remains clean and disinfected.

Drive-Thru Kit Includes:

  • 25 credit card machine cleaning cards
  • 25 thermal printer cleaning cards
  • 25 computer screen cleaning wipes
  • 25 equipment surface cleaning wipes