• $ 24900

Enhance your Vision X RDC solution with the Panini ScanStation!

Panini provides a modular solution built around the market leading Vision X platform. The resulting assembly optimizes cabling within a compact footprint that combines full page and rigid documents scanning, check capture and optional thermal receipt printing.

ScanStation is the ideal solution for users of Remote Deposit Capture who are also looking for a way to capture different format payments-related documents, improve productivity, and consolidate counter space. Besides the duplex full page & ID card scanner, it also includes an EMV chip card reader and open USB port for extension to the thermal printer or additional peripherals.

Please note: This is just a docking station. The Vision X and thermal printer are sold separately. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Panini ScanStation is the new commercial name for the “MFS-A4/Page Scanning Docking Station”. Packaging for the ScanStation, Quick Guide and CD included in the box will indicate “Panini MFS” or “MultiFunctionSystem” or similar expressions, which do not alter the description offered on Panini’s web page  or on the ScanStation brochure.