Panini Cleaning Kit

Panini Cleaning Kit

  • $ 6590

Panini Cleaning Kit for the My Vision X, Vision X, EverneXt and Vision neXt that use ink cartridges. 
Your check scanner can accumulate dust and debris from the checks, documents and general environmental particles in the air. This dirt collects and clouds the optical lenses inside which are the most critical component of the scanner. These optics allow the imaged check to become a legal document for check clearing as stated in the Check 21 law. The ability of the scanner to properly create the image is why the optics are the most critical component of the scanner. Panini Waffle technology Check Scanner Cleaning Cards were developed by KIC Team to clean the scanner's optics of built up dirt and ink. In addition, it will also clean the magnetic heads and the transport roller mechanisms that allow the check to pass through the scanner. This card, when used as a consistent maintenance product, will keep your Panini Vision X and Vision neXt Check Scanners performing as designed. The Panini Cleaning Kit, contains 25 of these cleaning cards, 25 pre-moistened ink cleaning wipes and 6 premoistened cleaning swabs.

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Part Number: SE110369-1

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