Scanner Cleaning

Your Panini scanner can be cleaned in a variety of ways.  

You may: 

  1. Use your normal deposit interface to scan the cleaning card instead of checks, then cancel the batch at the end so no information is sent to the bank.
  2. Utilize the Panini Multi-demo tool (if installed), substituting the Panini Waffle Card for an actual check.
  3. Utilize Panini Avantor – device management software.
  4. Leverage a scanner cleaning function (if present) in your current software application.

Panini recommends that your check scanner be cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure optimal performance.  Only use genuine Panini branded cleaning products in your machine.

To view all Panini approved cleaning supplies, please click here.

For additional help please review this video or call our support desk at 888 762-4787